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Our puppies are lovingly home raised by us and our family and friends. We are dedicated to raising healthy, well adjusted and beautiful standard and miniature poodles. 

To do this we begin with our puppies that we choose to add to our breeding program - evaluating their temperaments and health as puppies as well as their structure.  

Once our dogs are two years old, they are able to complete all of their genetic health testing required to be a breeding dog. The Poodle Club of America website has a list of testing that they recommend, we follow this list.

The puppies are born in my bedroom and are closely monitored for the first few weeks to make sure everyone is healthy and gaining weight. They are then moved to a more local area in the house where they can have a lot of love and new experiences every day.

Extended Stay Puppy Training

We offer puppy training for our puppies. This training camp gets your puppy off to a great start and makes the adjustment much easier when they come home to you. 
We start them on:

Crate training

House Breaking

Walking on a leash

Basic manners (nipping, begging, giving up a toy etc.)

Basic obedience (sit, stay, down etc.)

This training program starts at 8 weeks old. We keep the puppy for a minimum of 4 week

Past Puppies

Standard Poodle Breeder NY
Ruthie's Six Puppies

Ruthie's Six Puppies

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