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"Molly" - Eriand's Star Of The Show
Molly, also known as Mol-Dol is an absolute dream; one look into her eyes and your hooked. She is a tiny little girl with no shortage of spunk or love. She is a super playful girl, but her number one priority is definitely snuggling with all of her friends (human or fellow poodles.) She is the sweetest baby that ever lived, a forever puppy. She has a way of melting into your arms that puts you into a trance instantly. She is truly special and we are so blessed to share in this life with her.

"CJ" Eriand's Look What You Made Me Do

​CJ is a perfect mix of her mother Charlotte and her father James. Life is just all fun to our lovely CJ. She always looks happy, and is always ready for anything. Her list of favorite things is long whispers into her ear, some serious snuggling, and letting you know she wants to come inside with a bark. CJ is an absolute love, she is a little serious sometimes, enough to always know what is going on. Overall she is quite the teddy bear. 

"Clementine" Eriand's End Game

Clementine is an absolute whirlwind! We couldn't be happier with this girl. She is the happiest little girl we have ever met, and one  of the sweetest too! Her tail never stops wagging, not in any situation - on a walk, on the couch, at the vet, taking care of her babies or eating! She is so lighthearted and loving, a true gem who is up for anything life could throw at her.

"Penelope" Eriand's Sparks Fly

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