Ezra is our mini male. To say he is full of love is putting it lightly. It doesn’t take much to make him the happiest little man in the world, he just wants to be with us. If we are sitting in the backyard, he is by our feet. If we are in the den, he is right there beside us. His favorite activity is having company over, as long as they are there to snuggle with him. He can be a little shy at first, but once he is sure you like him, he becomes Velcro. He has a super magnetic force that he uses to attach himself to your body. We call him our little old man because he has always been such a serious and smart little guy. He is wise beyond his years and has a heart of gold, a real gem.

"Russell" - Eriand's Blue Tacoma

Russell is an absolute love. He makes quick friends with every human and dog he meets. His best friend is Lola, our recently turned three year old daughter. The two of them are completely joined at the hip. They love to get into all kinds of mischief together. Russell is the perfect combination of his mom Aubrey and his dad Ezra. He has Aubrey’s smile that is just priceless! He is definitely our resident clown who eats anything he can get his paws on and thinks it’s absolutely hysterical to refuse to come inside… but only at night of course! Russell has certainly brought an enormous amount of light into our lives. He is one of a kind. 

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We are a small hobby breeder of miniature and standard poodles on Long Island, New York.  We raise our poodle puppies in our home and strive to produce healthy, happy and beautiful poodles.