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"Valerie" Ch. Wildrose Shut Up And Dance At Eriand

Valerie is exactly what you dream about when you dream about a black standard poodle. She is absolutely magnificent, sweet as can be, gentle as can be and just needs love and hugs to be happy. She loves everyone, including her two year old girl - Lola, (my daughter) who she walks perfectly for on a leash. She had a fun time being a show dog girl, but she has an even better time being home and cutting on the couch or going on a walk with us. You can't interact with Valerie without getting a hug, and no one is complaining about it!

"Angie" - Ch. Eriand's-Mystical She's Gone Country

Angie is the love of our lives. She is sweet beyond belief and has the biggest character that could possibly be stuffed into her little body. She is not one for running and playing unless her people are involved. Around here, most of the day is spent laughing and joking with Angie. She is breathtakingly beautiful, and she knows it!

Ch. Eriand's Keep Them Kisses Coming

Aubrey is sweet as pie. We call her our little lamb. She is always the first to fetch a

ball, but also the first to settle on the couch with a pile of toys that she has collected.

She absolutely loves to go on walks, but there it would be a challenge to find

something that Aubrey didn’t find fun. We are just glad we are along for the ride

with her. She keeps us laughing and smiling, always.

"Faye" - Ch. Eriand's Thinking Out Loud

Faye is one of our smaller girls, but she has a lot of love and takes up a lot of space in our hearts. She is Angie’s Daughter, and from the moment she was born we have been so deeply in love with her, we just knew she would be something special. She showed off her talents in the show ring, finishing quickly and efficiently. Despite her beauty and show presence, she wanted more! We decided not to put her grand championship on her, instead we plan to title her in agility as well as certify her as a therapy dog. Faye is the happiest dog I have ever met. She loves everything and everyone. She is also quite full of herself! (That may be from all of the spoiling she got!) She loves long toys that she can drag behind her as she runs through the house.When she was a puppy we found that she loved cat toys! Just like her mom, Angie. To this day her favorite toy is a cat toy with long feathers attached to a stick. We run around with it and she chases it. She is the light of our lives, and has been from the moment she came into this world.

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